“The vision of Evidence of Evil truly understands horror. The creative individuals behind the productions are hard-working, and they value every member of their team, which resonates with the overall morale and shines through in their shows. Their 10 years of experience working in haunts and in the horror genre is evident, and brings a unique experience to their performances.” – R. Pagella

“In my opinion, Evidence of Evil is a great company that will excel in its business practices and provide excellent services to anyone seeking their work in the haunt industry. I know the owners to be dedicated, hard-working individuals that have combined their education from ten-years of experience in the haunt industry to make this business one that will exceed expectations. Use of their services will undoubtedly ensure that all customers that visit your business will want to keep coming back for more.” D. Roy


“I got to experience The Chamber today at CT Horrorfest. What an awesome experience. I did not survive, but had a blast.  The detail, lighting, sound and acting take this escape challenge over the top. I had high expectations going in to this and those expectations were exceeded. Wow. You have to try to survive The Chamber if you ever have the opportunity.” – E. Groody

“Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!! Had a great time, except we couldn’t escape…” – M. Reynolds

“That was so fun and so scary. Our group didn’t stand a chance though. I did legitimately nearly bite my tongue off.” – K. Kaffan

“Went into the chamber last night at Howl-O-Ween. These guys def put in a lot of thought and work into the attraction, was a total blast!! Had my adrenaline going the moment I stepped in and was well worth it.” – E. Soltis

“Really awesome and fast paced! You have to think quick and work as a team or YOU’RE DEAD!” J. Warner