They are now in control.   

 You better make haste through this living lab of decay and disgust, or you will surely be taken by its inhabitants.  Are you willing to do whatever it takes to save Barry, assuming he’s still in one piece…

NEW FOR 2023!

A wretched ritual is being conjured, and you’ve stepped in at the wrong time. A coven of insidious witches will bring you to a boil. Descend into their lair of magick and mystery and uncover the horrid secrets that lie inside.  

A band of forgotten miscreants run this land. And they ain’t happy you’re here. This is their property, and you best be sure they’re going to let you know. Enter the woodshed and find out what they have in store for you.

A cacophony of dreadful entities lie inside this abandoned cornfield. Heed this warning, those that step inside Silence is your best weapon! Don’t make a sound, or your body will litter this ground. 

This seemingly lifeless abode rests… hauntingly asleep. Who could be inside? What could be inside? Many have attempted to uncover the mystery of the Spookhouse. All have failed. The denizens may welcome you, but only if you play their little game. Trick or Treat… 

NEW FOR 2023!

Descend beneath and unearth the buried secrets deep within the waning walls of the Basement. Covered antiques, forgotten memories, and… someone lurks down here. The cobwebs and spiders are the last thing you need to fear down here.

Float helplessly in a sea of confusion. Sometimes, the most unbearable monsters come from inside your own head.

NEW FOR 2023!

Come face to face with the Guardians of the Crypt. The shadows will hunt you around each corner of their sacred ground. One wrong step, and your flesh will become nothing more than a faded memory.

Bodies upon bodies lie undisturbed in this ancient burial chamber. Caged, forgotten, and lifeless. Until you step inside. The warmth of life, awakening the rotting bones. Come forth, bear witness the dreadful hordes.