How much is a ticket to Evidence of Evil?
Each ticket is $25. Each ticket grants the holder a ONE TIME entry into the attraction. If you wish to go through again, you must purchase another ticket. Tickets are timed, so please be on time. If you miss your time slot, you may not be able to enter the attraction. A portion of our proceeds are donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

When do you open?
We are open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in October from Dusk to 10 PM.

Is this haunted attraction for children?
The attraction is rated PG-13. Children under 16 years of age MUST be accompanied by an adult. No exceptions.

Is the haunted attraction indoor or outdoor?
We are an outdoor attraction in the woods with exposure to the elements. You may encounter uneven terrain and some may find the environment physically demanding. Please plan and dress accordingly.

Is this a normal haunted attraction?
No. We strive to have an interactive element to our show.

What do you mean by “Interactive”?
You will not be walking through our show like a typical haunted house. You will be asked to participate in scenes. This can range from chanting along with actors, moving objects, or finding a key element to move onto the next scene. Some may find the environment to be physically demanding as some guests may need to crawl, touch items within the haunt, and find themselves victim to a variety of scares. Be prepared for anything! Remember, nothing will harm you or touch you inside our attraction – have fun with it!

Will the actors touch you?
Actors will NEVER touch customers. We are an interactive experience and you may be asked to touch props, but not people.

Can I smoke or vape?
We are a drug and alcohol free attraction. There is absolutely no smoking or drinking on the property. Evidence of Evil reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone who violates this policy or poses a threat to our staff and other guests. A violation of this policy will result in removal from the attraction WITHOUT refund.

Can I leave if I am too scared?
Yes, simply tell a staff member that you are too scared to continue and you will be escorted out of the attraction. Be reminded, there are no refunds once a ticket is purchased. Be brave! You got this!

Can I buy a ticket at the door?
No. All tickets must be purchased in advance via our website. Please plan accordingly! All sales are final. No Refunds.

Can I take pictures inside?
No. Please do not take pictures while inside the attraction. Any form of outside light can hurt our actors eyes and ruin the experience for those around you. Pictures may be taken in the queue area.

Is there any food or drink?
Please understand that no food or drink will be allowed inside the attraction. However, Lyman Orchards has multiple areas for you to get some tasty food and drinks! Be sure to check out 1741 Pub and Grill before or after you visit the attraction!

How can we reach you to see if tickets are still available?
Call us at (860) 384-7576

I want to join the team, how do I do that?
We are always looking for new volunteers to join the team! Simply send us an e-mail at!

Where can I learn more information about Evidence of Evil?
You can also find us on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

Are you part of Lyman Orchards?
No. Evidence of Evil and Lyman Orchards are separate entities. Please contact us directly with any questions, comments, or concerns.

COVID-19 Information:

There is an inherent and elevated risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place and any place where people are present. While we are committed to enhanced standards in an effort to keep you as healthy and safe as possible, we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed. Please familiarize yourself with the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and evaluate your risk in determining whether you should attend our attraction. If you or a family member are ill or think that you may be getting ill, please postpone your visit until you are well.